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    Home with our modern designs

    We make sure our work is only of the highest quality for you. We canturn your kitchen into a stunning masterpiece!

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    We build pools thats amaze.

    Need a pool to prepare for the hot summer?. We help you equip your backyard with a safe yet trendly design that will blow you away.

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    Beautifull Decor

    Custom Tailored Designs that will ensure you have a very unique atmosphere insideand outside of the house.

Leaking Shower Repairs Gold Coast

Kitchens and Bathroooms

They are one of the most important parts of the house. They need to be efficient and work well, regardless of the existing space available, sometimes that turns out to be very little. This is where we come in, backed by over 30 years experience.

Bathroom Renovations Gold Coast

Landscaping, Pools, Rockwalls

Two words say it all: First Impressions. Whenever you arrive at someone's house for a social visit, the first thing you see is the landscape, then the second is the pool area. See how we have accomplished fantastic outdoor features.

Renovators Gold Coast

Decor and Design

Colour schemes can make or break the look of your home; there is a need to do a lot of homework before implementing any décor to your home. You should always work with your surrounds, and have a theme in place. Check out our great designs.

Need to fix your leaky Shower? We can help you

Gold Coast classic Renovations is a company that specialises in Leaking Shower Repairs and tiling services, our team prides themselves on offering the highest quality in products and workmanship in today’s competitive world. Leaking Showers can cause a lot of damage if not attended to, if you don’t repair the sealing shower in accordance with the manufacturers and B.C.A, the leak will recur and in some circumstances the waterproofing has not been carried out correctly resulting in more expenses.

We at Gold Coast Classic Renovations like to fix leaking showers the old fashion way, (we don’t trust anyone else’s work) we remove the tiles and get back to the original structure and apply two coats of waterproofing membrane. We only use glues recommended by those manufacturers. Many companies claim to stop leaking showers without the removal of tiles by simply applying a sealer over the existing tiles at a low cost ,what happens when you have any structure movement?.

To get a lasting Job at a best Price possible! Call us now and let’s get your Leaking Showers repaired. Fill your details in the contact us form we will contact you within 24 hrs.

Looking to repair your leaking balcony?

Gold Coast Classic Renovations guaranties the Balcony Repairs we perform are permanently fixed, we ensure the same problem will not happen again. The key to a successful Balcony Repair is in the product we use, the tiles we supply and methods of laying the tiles.

Prior to starting any works, we first identify the cause of the leak; we fix the problem before we repair the damage.

Gold Coast classic renovations have made many Balcony Repairs our skilled and experienced tradesman’s have the knowhow to fix any kind of faulty balcony.

Balcony Repairs Gold Coast is a full-service division of Gold Coast Classic Renovations we specialise in all kinds of verandas, patios, balcony repair, Shower Sealing and restorations.

Many of Our clients have chosen us time and time again for our professional, excellent services and our attention to individual needs. Call us now to get your Balcony repaired immediately or Fill your details in the contact us form we will contact you within 24 hrs.

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Gold Coast Classic Renovations

We are passionate about bringing spaces to life. Together with you, we can achieve a great outcome for your living area. We offer a wide range of services, such as kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, landscaping and pool works to even interior design an decor, no job is too small or too large.

We can project manage your renovation from start to finish, with quality control as our top priority. Our pride comes from the customer satisfaction, where we guarantee that the work we produce will more than please our clients!


The tiles and fixtures are of high quality and will no doubt give us many years of heavy use. The workmanship is excellent.

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