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Outdoor areas are often the last to receive design attention, but that should not be the case, what surrounds your home is just as important as what is in it. “Your home is your castle” At Gold Coast landscaping and maintenance we take great pride in your property and like others to understand this as well.

Before embarking your landscape remodels think about what your family would use the foremost, as well as what would help boost your resell value in the long run. Gold Coast landscaping and maintenance Professionals are all certified and experienced tradesman. We would also help you out with designs and landscaping model.

A backyard is for entertaining and playtime, incorporate seating, dining areas, play areas and sunny relaxation spots. At Gold Coast landscaping and maintenance, we engaged in rendering Garden Maintenance and Landscaping Services building swimming pools and Rock-wall. Gold Coast landscaping and maintenance has been in the industry for 30 Years and are passionate about bringing spaces to life.

Our Team consists of “Experts” in the industry including our extensively trained and knowledgeable Design Consultants. Our Coordination and Scheduling team and the best landscape & hard-scape “Expert” crews are one of the best in the Gold Coast Area. Gold Coast landscaping and maintenance team is confident in our ability to turn your Dream-scape into a reality.

Landscaping, Pools and Rockwalls

Two words say it all: First Impressions. Whenever you arrive at someone’s house for a social visit, the first thing you see is the landscape. The second is the pool area where the steaks are cooking on the barbecue, and soft music in the background are all too inviting. So creating an atmosphere is very important, using the correct plants and palms or bamboo in some cases, using water features to enhance the atmosphere off inner peace.

Please take a look at our collection of landscaping, pools and rockwalls below to show you what we are capable of. If you have any enquiries on any of these projects, feel free to contact us at any time.

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